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Buzz B Berkeley

Dear Friend,

How did this happen? How did I uncover these secrets?

Let me tell you a story:

I love to bet, and I love a challenge, and when I was offered a proposition that held both... I was intrigued.

During a recent trip to Vegas, I started a quest that kept me there for three months! My challenge? I was bet that I couldn't last a week in Vegas without betting in a Casino because the town is too expensive a place to live without the action I'm used to.

Well, I stayed 3 months!

I actually had fun uncovering all these secrets. The more I found, the more it lead to others. Do you know how to save $10 - $20 just getting to your hotel from the airport by taxi?... you'll be surprised!

Do you know where you can still find a Steak Dinner for less than $6? The facts about the Shows? How to get around LV quickly? cheaply? Where you can still find Freebies?

Gaming Secrets Too!

This book will show you in Six separate Sections how to take advantage of the Casino in ways you've never considered.

You can now have FUN in Las Vegas, be treated like a high roller, and be a FAVORITE to win your bets.

You’ll learn the bets to avoid and the bets that the Casinos don’t want you to know!

So, whether you're looking for money-saving tips or betting tips on your favorite games...

Las Vegas Guest Guide - How to save money in Las Vegas and at the Casinos!

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The price will become the full valued price!

So, order today and save.

I wrote “Win at Craps - WITH the Casino", "Baccarat Made Easy" and many other books, and I've been going to Las Vegas and playing in Casinos all my adult life! I've compiled a book filled with information that will make your Las Vegas trip a true Adventure without a huge price tag.

Deals like these are hard to fine in Las Vegas now...

I began a quest to find the Casinos, Hotels and Restaurants that still offer HOT Deals instead of trying to “beat” them. After exhaustive searching, I've found the secrets I'm now willing share with you.

Finally, I realized how to get the invitations to the hidden secrets around town.

Don’t throw away ANY more of your money!
Don’t continue contributing to the rich Casinos.
Join them instead.

It’s time to STOP LOSING!

Without this information, you will remain a “fish”, a "tourist" and you won't know where, when and how to get these deals, and you cannot beat the Casinos. You’ll still leave Las Vegas and the tables broke! You’ll still revert to following the crowd and wasting your money, and placing all the sucker bets. You’ll STILL misunderstand the town and the casinos' games.


Get to the winning side of the odds, or lose!
Take advantage of the many Freebies still available!
Save your money on everything from the time you arrive!
Get to the winning bets on the tables, or lose!
Get rid of the House Edge, or lose!

Get this book, or lose!

Don't waste your money on your next trip to Las Vegas, You'll appreciate the value of this completely different approach to visiting Las Vegas.

If you’re ready, if you’ve wasted your money in Las Vegas, if you’re tired of losing your money, if you’re the fish that the Casinos love...

Then it’s time you learned from the best!

It’s time you got the inside scoop!

It’s time you ordered
Las Vegas Dos and Don'ts

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